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Horse Tenderloin Fillet Steaks (2 in a 250g Pack) 

Horse Tenderloin Fillet Steaks (2 in a 250g Pack) £ 7.21 In stock


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Sourced From: South America & France

Taste: Similar to beef but slightly sweeter taste

  • Horse tenderloin is the most sought after cut!

  • They’re the most tender and flavoursome cut of meat from the Horse.

  • Be careful not to overcook this meat as it is very low in fat.

  • We recommend to serve at medium -rare for best results and experience.

  • Two Horse Tenderloin Fillets in a 250g pack.



Values of cooked productProduct (Per 100g)Energy (kJ)637Energy (kcal)151Fat (g)2.6of which Saturates (g)1.1Carbohydrates (g)<0.1of which Sugars (g)<0.1Protein (g)31.8Salt (g)0.1


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